Wow what a week it has been around here organising everything!  Funnily enough I’m enjoying the challenge.  It’s not unlike the work I do for my Bless this Mess clients every day.

Now that I’ve sorted where all the furniture items can be relocated around the house, it’s time to deal with the kitchen items.

Whilst we are not making any real changes to the kitchen, we are keeping the existing, we still won’t have access to that area of our home for a period of time.  Long enough that unless we lived on takeaway, we would starve! So we really are going to have to live like we are surviving a kitchen renovation!

Therefore the pantry goods will need to find a new home.
This is my current pantry!

I’ve shown you before in the 10 Day Organising challenge my overall kitchen layout.
Somehow I need to find somewhere for all this stuff to go.  Who knew you could have so many items in just one space.

The first step for me was certainly to work out exactly what I truly needed and what could stay here in storage.  Certain food items and serving dishes etc are not going to be required whilst my kitchen/ living room is in a garage and your main cooking item is a BBQ.  So I set to work dividing and conquering. 4 plates, 4 bowls … I think you get the drift.

So now where to put it all!  Funny how the snowball effect is coming into place.  In order to accommodate the kitchen, I need to find room somewhere else in the house.

Enter the laundry!  Funnily enough this humble little space is about to become ground central.  My laundry is about to become the pantry, study and laundry. Mind you it’s not a big space but it does have great storage.

The great thing about this process is that, whilst it is only temporary I’m still taking the opportunity to assess what I really need to keep or cull. Just because I do, and will again, have the space for things, I’m still checking items for when or if I last used them.

I’ve boxed up the necessary keep items and (god forbid) I am storing them under my bed in the interim.

Here is a look at the space I have cleared for my pantry.

A trip to Bunnings for some additional shelving, cut to size…….
and here is the end result.
I’m so glad I have great pantry storage items.
They have proven to be very versatile for this transition.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself!
So that’s the pantry items sorted, now for the rest of the kitchen and my study items!
But you’ll have to wait until the next post to see how I’m getting on.
Thanks for joining me on this journey.