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Organising the spaces in your life can be more satisfying than renovating and can provide you with your additional storage needs as well as improve your quality of life.  Working within the spaces you have and unearthing their true potential is PURE MAGIC!

So if clutter is taking over your life and you’d rather shut the door and forget it exists, it’s time for you to reclaim your space, time and sanity and take back control of your life.

Bless this Mess is Melbourne’s most experienced and Expertly Accredited Professional Organiser & Declutter Specialist.
Since 2011 our signature techniques and systems have helped declutter, organise and systemise over 1,000 homes and businesses.

I have the experience, skills, knowledge, techniques and effective systems and motivation to service businesses and homes alike.

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It’s time to take the first step!

At Bless this Mess, we understand how clutter can consume an individual’s space, reducing energy flow, motivation and productivity levels, and that it’s more than often not just about the physical possessions.  Bless this Mess assist & support their clients throughout the decluttering and organising process to help establish simplified, effective and functional spaces that support your individual needs and lifestyle.  Our sessions also focus on implementing change to your routines, current systems and your general ability to make change.  Moving into or building a new home, downsizing or simply moving on with life in your existing place, I can organise every space imaginable. SO why wait?  Contact me now and create a place you’ll love coming home to! You too can enjoy the benefits of an organised, clutter free home and life, which means effective use of your existing storage spaces and believe it or not more money in your pocket. 

Leaving you time to enjoy the more important things in life.

Our living area & daughters room are working spaces after a long time! We are really enjoying it! Bless this Mess was very good. They had lots of energy & worked at a fast pace from the moment they walked in the door to achieve the results we wanted.
They also made some excellent suggestions which we have kept & started implementing e.g changing the furniture layout, ways to keep our daughters toys organised & tidy & out of sight in our living area & bedroom! The room ambience & energy is so much better. Overall, very happy with the results!

Cheltenham, VIC

Thanks Robyn, when you first came into my home I hadn’t cleaned out my boys rooms for three years. Within three hours we had piles of outgoing clothes/toys; bookshelves in places, toys put away and their clothes sorted out as well. You kick started me to get my whole house sorted out. Thankyou! Maybe now you can teach my boys how to maintain it for the future.

Glen Iris, VIC

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