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Our living area & daughters room are working spaces after a long time! We are really enjoying it!

Nicole was very good. She has lots of energy & worked at a fast pace from the moment she walked in the door to achieve the results we wanted. She also made some excellent suggestions which we have kept & started implementing e.g changing the furniture layout, ways to keep our daughters toys organised & tidy & out of sight in our living area & bedroom! The room ambience & energy is so much better. Overall, very happy with the results!

Lavania – Cheltenham, VIC

Hi Robyn

Thanks so much for coming to our house and starting us on the path to organising !
We have taken on board a lot of your advice and are slowly working our way through various rooms and spaces, and are extremely happy with some of the actions we have taken from your guidance.

We have made quite a few changes and I understand that it will be a slow process but eventually we will get there.

We thoroughly enjoyed your advice and suggestions and can see how simple changes can make a big difference .

We have told many people about your services so we hope eventually  that they seek you out.

It is always difficult to have someone come to your house especially to focus on the clutter etc and it was hard for us to be open to advice but your down to earth professional manner enabled us to feel comfortable and laugh at ourselves and the “mess” in our home.

Again we appreciate your logical ,simple and easy to implement advice that made sense.
We look forward to you returning to our home in the next few months to reinforce some of your recommendations and possibly tackle the shed !

Thanks once again

Tara – Beaumaris VIC
After living in a large (5 bedroom plus study) home for over 10 years, it was a daunting plan to move into a 3 bedroom apartment with limited storage (and no laundry!).

I knew that I needed to do some major culling and live a minimalistic lifestyle, just to squeeze into the space. I knew that I needed to make better use of the existing area, as there were inadequate drawers and cupboards to store even the basics. I knew that being a busy single mum who works full-time, I barely had enough hours in the day to manage my time let alone take on this massive project. I also knew that my skills weren’t in the creative set and that just the thought of interior design, choosing colours, furniture and décor made me feel stressed and overwhelmed. All of this meant that there was no way I could do this alone!

So, I started to ask around. I found Robyn’s details online and from our very first conversation, I felt relieved. She immediately put my mind at ease and I suddenly felt that this may actually be do-able. In fact, this may even be fun! I could create my own space and make it my own and she would be by my side.

So, Robyn came over…. We chatted, she listened and we instantly clicked. She made use of every minute we had and by the end of our first one-hour session, we’d already mapped out the plan for the whole apartment. I now had a vision in my mind of what we could achieve. My stress was relieved. It was clear that she understood my needs, my budget and my personal style. I hugged her at the end of our meeting (which took me by surprise too) because a huge weight had suddenly been lifted.

Robyn then went to work in arranging contractors to visit and designing storage solutions in every room. She was by my side with the first few contractor quotations and acted as my interpreter. She has an amazing skill in talking ‘tradie’ and then relaying it to me in a way that I could understand. This was invaluable to me.

Robyn always kept in touch and was there for anything that I needed. But then the most amazing and unexpected thing happened – she empowered me to continue on my own! Suddenly, I had the confidence to make the decisions and deal with the tradies without assistance. She had taught me the tricks.

And now, over 3 months down the track, my apartment is complete. My daughters and I couldn’t be happier. We love every room and really enjoy hanging in our new home, which feels more spacious than we ever could have imagined. I feel that through Robyn’s support and assistance, I have discovered that I actually do have a creative side and have even offered assistance to friends in maximising space and storage ideas.

I highly recommend Robyn for all your interior design and storage needs. She is a delight to work with and is well networked. She has made a huge difference to my life and I will always be grateful.

Karen- Balaclava VIC
Getting ready for a baby is stressful enough, let alone if everywhere you look there’s piles of clutter. Every cupboard in my house was a mess. Nicole was lovely, worked super hard, didn’t exacerbate my anxiety and pretty much sorted out my whole life. I couldn’t be happier – I feel like I’m actually living in a totally new home. I can’t thank Bless This Mess enough. I’ll be back!!!
Isabelle – Balaclava VIC
Thanks Robyn, when you first came into my home I hadn’t cleaned out my boys rooms for three years. Within three hours we had piles of outgoing clothes/toys; bookshelves in places, toys put away and their clothes sorted out as well. You kick started me to get my whole house sorted out. Thankyou! Maybe now you can teach my boys how to maintain it for the future.
Sophie – Glen Iris VIC
I just wanted to write and say thank you for all your help in setting up our home office/workspace and moving the kids in to the same room. As i sit here in my office I couldn’t be happier or more productive! I honestly couldn’t have managed the change without you and your ideas, efficiency and hard work made what could have been an almost impossible task very doable. Our family couldn’t be happier with the changes and we feel like we have added an extra room to our house. Also, thanks for all your tips about organising the kids room, wardrobes, my filing cabinet and just general processes. It has made my life so much easier! Thanks heaps
Aimee – St Kilda East VIC
I was fed up with my storage/junk room. Filled to the brim & overflowing with goodness knows what. Robyn’s, nothing’s a problem, approach calmed me immediately. The results are amazing. Robyn turned my room of dread into one I enjoy going into, each time breathing a sigh of relief as I think to myself “Ahh, Bless this Mess’. Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you Robyn. I now have the courage to tackle other areas of my home knowing your only ever a phone call away.
Victoria – Brighton VIC
I consider myself an organized person, but with 6 moves in 8 years across 4 different cities and 3 countries, I found myself completely overwhelmed. With three small children I was finding it hard to find the time or inclination to cull and sort through each room of the house. Robyn’s calm, no-nonsense and pratical approach has proved just what I need to tackle the clutter. I am amazed at what we manage to get through in a 3-hour session. Robyn asseed each of our spaces and utilised our natural storage to make the space work more efficiently. Robyn’s assistance has proved invaluable to me, I have recommended her to all my friends.
Lucy – Northcote VIC
I am writing to express my gratitude for your guidance and assisstance with organising my spaces in my home. We started with chaos, no direction and no functionality and now have functional spaces organised and tidy. I am grateful for your guidance and thankful that you taught me to think differently in terms of what each zone is to achieve. You have made a long-term impact on the functionality of our home and how we interact which is a lovely positive and much needed change.
Sharelle – Naree Warren VIC
Robyn, you’re an extremely energetic individual, who knows her work inside and out. The difference you have made to my home is phenomenal. I didn’t realise just how much unnecessary stuff I had collected over the years. We can all now see and find items at first glance. The extra space you have given me in my house and the de-cluttering that has taken place, has taken away a lot of stress in my life. I am no longer searching for things and do not feel overwhelmed when I walk into a room. I feel in control! Robyn your enthusiastic, hard working, innovative, easy going and have a great sense of humour.
I strongly recommend you now to all my friends.
Gabrielle – Kooyong VIC
Thanks for our fabulous session. The cloud has finally lifted and I feel human again. You are worth every penny!
Alex- South Yarra VIC
My husband didn’t ‘get it’! But the results blew him away! WOW
Angela & Andrew – Burwood VIC
My wardrobe is fabulous. I just love it. It’s so organised. I won’t know myself with all this space.
Roseanne – Brighton East VIC
Robyn has given me lots of concept ideas for my home and transformed my unorganised study and life. I couldn’t have done it without her.
Julia – Toorak VIC
My pantry was over loaded and embarrassed to open. With Robyn’s professional touch my pantry is now a dream.
Nadine – Chelsea VIC
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