Terms and Conditions

Services and Terms of engagement

  1. Bless this Mess provides services to meet your organising needs as outlined in our initial discussion and confirmation email. The success of our services is dependent upon your co-operation, and we are not responsible for needs/expectations not being met where you fail to co-operate with us.
  2. We will keep any information we receive confidential between us. We agree not to remove confidential information from your possession without consent and we will not disclose any information that is confidential to you. Any written action plans provided by Bless this Mess remain confidential and are not to be used or disclosed to any third party without our consent.
  3. At times we may recommend that you purchase goods from a third party. We are not a retailer. Whilst we may purchase products on your behalf, we do so with your consent, as your agent. Any faults or defects with the goods are the responsibility of the retailer and/or manufacturer and you hold any relevant rights against them.
  4. Similarly, any recommendations for third party services are based upon our professional opinion and we do not warrant or guarantee the services or performance of any third party we might recommend. If you choose to engage a third party recommended by us, you do so under a separate and distinct agreement with that provider outside of these terms.
  5. While we take the time and care to ensure that your property or possessions are not damaged in the provision of our services, we hold Liability Insurance in the event that accidental damage occurs.
  6. You are responsible for doing all things necessary to ensure the safety of Bless this Mess representatives attending your premises and you are liable for any injury caused to our representatives and for any loss or damage to our property whilst on your premises.
  7. Bless this Mess will only remove/dispose of items from the property as authorised by the client/property owner in writing.
  8. Our services are conducted in the presence of the client/property owner unless we are provided with written authorisation from the client/property owner granting Bless this Mess access to the premises.
    Booking & Payment Terms
  9. You agree to pay our fee as specified in our confirmation email to you.
  10. In order to secure your booking we require a deposit of $100 at the time that you book your appointment with us. Your deposit will be retained by us and will be automatically carried over to secure any subsequent booking.
  11. The balance of your payment, including reimbursement of goods purchased, is due on the day of our session unless otherwise agreed. Payment can be made via Cash, MCRD or VISA.
    Cancellation & Refund Policy
  12. We require 48 hours’ notice for all booking cancellations via verbal telephone communication directly to Bless this Mess. We are happy to reschedule your appointment and will retain your deposit to secure your new booking.
  13. However, we like to be organised! If you cancel a booking more than 3 times, or you do not re-schedule an appointment within 30 days, your deposit will be forfeited.
  14. If you do not provide us with 48 hours’ notice prior to cancellation/cancel on the day we will retain your deposit and issue you with an invoice for the remainder of the entire session fees, which will be payable within seven days.
  15. In the event that your services are redeemable through a Gift Voucher and you cancel our services without providing 48 hours’ notice, we will deduct the value of the cancelled appointment from the entitlement contained in the Gift Voucher.