Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to get organised?
Congratulations on taking the first step to achieving your goal!
Over the next ten days you will free your life from clutter, not just the physical stuff but also all the emotional baggage that comes with it! Clutter and a lack of organisation carries with it a negative energy that can often drain us emotionally and cause a lack of enthusiasm.  So let’s turn that around!

First let me start by saying this is NOT a Competition!!! 

We all have different spaces, lives, possessions and lifestyles. Therefore you do what works best for you and your space. There are no set times throughout the day that you need to perform each challenge.  You can choice when they fit best into your existing schedule, routines.
All I ask is for you post your before and after photo’s each day along with any comments you feel like sharing on the Bless this Mess wall and provide some encouragement to those that are achieving their goal along with you.

For me the organising process is a bit like dieting.  You need to set a goal, be prepared for change, reward your achievements, accept the setbacks, stay true to your goal and soldier on.  This challenge however will be the easiest diet you ever conquered!

Along the way you will also remove some things from your life that are no longer relevant (clutter), in order to be the person you want to be, live the life you want to live and have the organised home you have always dreamt of. I’m not talking something out of Home Beautiful, but more so a place that you feel happy to come home to.

When it comes to organising our homes and lives it can sometimes become quite overwhelming.  Too much to do and no time. Often we feel that we need to set aside one whole day or weekend just to tackle it all. Viewing  it all as one BIG job can often be the problem.  The purpose of this exercise it to show you that by simply performing one task each day, and perhaps even breaking each task down into smaller tasks, that you can get on top of it all – one task at a time.

Each of the challenges listed below are designed to take approximately 20 minutes of your time, sound too easy, well it really is.  Who knows you may even be motivated to take on something else within the same zone on the same day or expand beyond the initial task itself.  The aim is that after ten days the process of doing one task per day will become your daily ritual, if you like, almost like a habit you don’t even think about.

OK so on with the Challenge!!  I will be doing this challenge with you, but one day before.  I will provide my own before and after photo’s per day via Blogs posted on my facebook page Bless this Mess.  I hope that these will provide you with some food for thought as you take on your own space.  Feel free to email me Robyn Amott should you have any questions or post them on my facebook page!

I wish you all the very best of luck! Not that you’ll need it.  I am excited to have you all along for this great journey towards creating a happy and organised life!  And remember the first step in each process is always to remove items past their used by date or items that really don’t belong in this space. There will be plenty more little hints and tips along the way as well as how to maintain your spaces as well.

10 Days of Challenges

Day 1:      The Car

Day 2:      Plastics Cupboard

Day 3:      Under the Sink

Day 4:      Fridge

Day 5:      Junk Draw – kitchen or study

Day 6:      The Sock or Undies Draw

Day 7:      The Medicine Cabinet

Day 8:      Toy Cupboard or Book Shelf

Day 9:      Clear the Decks

Day 10:   Your Pick??