I love that cosy feeling of wrapping myself up in a warm jumper/coat or leather jacket!

With the cold Autumn days and nights starting to set in, no doubt your pulling those winter woollies out from the back of the wardrobe or storage.

But Oh No!  It’s stained with some sort of foreign spotty growth.

During the off season it would seem that a mildew like mould has made a home for itself in your clothes.  This is as a result of your garment being stored in a dark, damp, humid or low ventilation environment.

Your instant reaction is of disgust, and disappointment!
You decide right there and then that it’s ruined and it’s only future is in the trash.

Don’t despair, whilst it’s unhealthy, it’s easy to fix with just a little ray of sunshine.

For Leather Garments:
1.  Simply remove the existing mould with a toothbrush, brush or dry sponge – (do this outside).
2.  Place garment outside in the sun to dry for a few hours – or in front of an open, sun drenched window.
Mould HATES sunlight, as it acts as a natural antiseptic to break down the mould spores.
3.  Wipe over any remaining marks with a mild soap and water solution.
4.  Leave to dry in the sun.

For Fabric Garments:
Use the same procedure as above.
1.  Simply remove the mold with a brush or sponge,
2.  Place garment outside in the sun for a few hours.
3.  Soak in a tub of cold water with a simple nappy wash solution (do not use bleach).
4.  Then wash the garment normally in the hottest water recommended.
5.  Hang to dry completely in the sun.

How to avoid this happening again: 
1.  Always ensure your garments are completely dry before hanging them in your wardrobe or putting them
away in a draw.  Even give them a quick spin in the clothes dryer if garment allows.
Especially when being stored for the off season.
2.  Ensure leather items are well nourished.
3.  Open your cupboard or draws regularly with the windows or doors open – to allow for ventilation.
4.  Hang garments to allow for air to flow around them, don’t cram too much in the wardrobe.
5.  Store garments in a damp/moisture free zone, where possible.
6.  There are plenty of damp remover products on the market, but a simple container of bicarbonate soda
in the bottom of the wardrobe will draw in the moisture and reduce dampness,  Change regularly.
7.  Consider storing out of season items in vacuum sealed storage bags.  Saves on space and protects your
garments from dust and mildew.

Now who’s for a nice HOT chocolate to warm you up!
Don’t forget your jacket – it’s COLD outside.