So we all know as adults we use whiteboards for recording important (temporary) information like:
* the shopping list
* your to do list
* at the office
* in the board room
* flow charts……..
the list goes on.
Whiteboards are certainly not just for grown-ups and I’m not talking easel boards.
Do your kids love to draw?  Are they currently experimenting with letter or sentence formation or solving mathematical problems?  How do you handle all the paper piles they create?
In an effort to remove endless amounts of paper from your home, save your wall space, the need to store all their creations and remove the mother guilt you feel everytime one of their darling creations gets filed in the bin – invest in a simple whiteboard like this one from Officeworks.
The kids can practice their writing and mathematical skills and create masterpieces to their hearts content.
It provides the same writing/drawing and visual experience as paper, unlike an etch a sketch.
If they make a mistake it’s easily fixed (might help resolve some of those tantrums).

You’ll save your home, space and most of all your sanity!

The biggest bonus is your also teaching your children that they can’t keep everything.  A fantastic lesson in learning to let go!