With the holidays quickly approaching many of you are hopefully taking the opportunity to enjoy a little R&R and some quality time with the family ! The perfect way to recharge the batteries!!

Travelling, especially as a family, can be a little stressful! What to pack, how much to take as well as keeping  track of everything on your journey are just a few of the things to consider.

For me I like to be prepared!  Here are a couple of ways I go about organising myself for and on holidays.

I limit how much we take by simply limiting the amount of luggage I use.  My children share a pull along trolley suitcase between the two of them, whilst my husband and I share a standard suitcase and one small carry on luggage bag for items we need on the plane.
If it doesn’t fit into this amount of cases it simply can’t come on holidays with us.
How many times have you returned from holidays and found there are items you took that you simply don’t use once at your destination.

Consider too what items you can purchase and use at your destination rather than carting them all the way from home.

One item I couldn’t be without, is the smallest and is my lifesaver when travelling.

It’s my travel document wallet!  I actually use my Baby Button Nappy Wallet! This little wallet is my one stop shop for any plane tickets, hire car information or other paperwork.  Additionally it’s also the home for my car keys and long term parking ticket whilst away.  No need to search through luggage or hoping I don’t loose or misplace anything along the way. I have a special zip section in my carry on which is the wallets home throughout the trip. The gorgeous design also allows me to find it easily.

Once I reach my destination I like to unpack!  Why live out of your suitcase?

Create a little home away from home for yourself.  Find suitable ‘homes’ for everything that makes sense or is familiar to you, a great way to make your holiday as easy as possible.

The one thing I’m always afraid of loosing on holidays is our hotel key.  They cost alot to get a replacement and who wants to get locked out!
Create a home for your keys by simply taking a breakfast bowl or dish of some description and leave on a bench top nearest to the door.  That way every time you enter your room you have ONE place to put your keys and you will always know where to find them when you go out.

So what are your holiday plans this year?
I hope these few tips help remove some of the stress elements so you can truly take the time to relax!

Happy Holidays. Enjoy!!!!!!!