I have to admit when it comes to my children’s bedroom’s I’m a little obsessed!
My girls rooms have always been a space in our home where I wanted to create a sense of magic and wonder.
Coming from a fashion based background, I have to admit I am a bit obsessed with children’s wardrobes.

My daughter’s wardrobe was recently featured in an article in Issue 7 of Tickle the Imagination, which also provides some fantastic tips on organising your children’s clothing.
I’ve also recently been going on a little bit about a special product that I just know is going to knock your socks off. I’m guessing you’ve all been wondering what this mystery product is?!

I’m very excited to finally be launching the sale of some very special children’s hangers that I just know you are going to love!!!  These are the latest must have item for your children’s wardrobe.

First let me tell you about their amazing features:

1. Space saving solution for your children’s wardrobes.
2. Great for development of fine and gross motor skills
3. Promote independence.
4. Allows you to group sets together.
4. Teach children how outfits are co-ordinated.
5. Ensure even Daddy knows what goes with what – think you get my drift.
6. Allow children to make independent clothing choices
7. Allow for independent access to items.
8. Hook over your existing hanger.

So what is this amazing, space saving product??

It’s called the ‘Hook-over-Hanger’ and they are exclusive to Bless this Mess.

I have used these hangers for years in my own children’s wardrobes and just couldn’t wait for the opportunity to stock them myself.  These fantastic hangers are similar to those used by clothing manufacturers to hang-sell their products in retail stores.
What I love most about these hangers is the ability to easily identify the matching skirt or pant that co-ordinates with the top.  You can access each item independent of the other and they make putting away your clothes so much easier.  You can also be assured that even if the children dress themselves (or Daddy does it) they come out looking like a million dollars.

Give your children’s wardrobe that boutique look and feel.  All you need to ponder now is – How many do I need?
Hangers are priced at $1.50 each or 10 for $12.00 (postage is additional) Please contact me directly  Robyn Amott -robyn@blessthismess.com.au or 0407 757 466 for further information.

Note: White wooden hangers featured are from Howards Storage World

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s get organising! Look forward to hearing from you soon!