Hi Everyone, are you still with me on this challenge.  I can see you are still checking your challenges on the blog each day.  So what has been the most satisfying challenge for you thus far?  Perhaps it’s simply setting a 20 minute time on each challenge makes it more achievable!  None the less I’m sure you are all making great progress and enjoying the satisfaction it brings.

Day 7 – The Medicine Cabinet – Friday 17th February 2012

So where do you keep your medicines?  A number of  liquid vitamins are best stored in the refrigerator.  All other tablet or powder form medicines are ideally stored in a cupboard above the fridge or in the pantry.  Why?  The life, use by date, of medicine is best reached when stored away from heat or moisture.  Therefore, keeping them above rangehoods or in bathroom cabinets will affect the life of each product.

Go through your current medicine cabinet and firstly dispose of anything that is past it’s use by date or is no longer relevant to your current needs, if you’re unsure check with the pharmacist you purchased them from.  It’s often handy to mark any prescription items with their purpose as soon as you bring them home ie pain killer, anti-inflammatory, hayfever, anti-nausea etc (I think you get the drift).  It’s easy to forget which one was for what condition later down the track.

Also, storing products that you generally don’t have a need for is a costly way to ensure you’re covered, just in case.  Purchase items as you require them, you’ll save yourself alot of money and there is generally a chemist open in most suburbs after hours if you need.

You may even separate medicines into his/hers/kids etc to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.  Simple small plastic tubs from your local $2 shop or IKEA can be perfect.  Ensure they are stored up high if you have children or you might consider a locked box which you can even have inserted into the inside wall cavity of a cupboard instead.
The choice is yours.

If you want to get really organised you could list the various medicines and their purpose, more so for prescription based medicines as they usually just say take 1 tablet ‘x’ times a day.

My medicine cabinet is quite minimal and has only one small basket containing band-aids, adult and child Panadol, Fess and Claratyne for the kids.  So I’ve provided pics from someone else’s cupboard instead.  Much more inspiring than mine!

This challenge is possibly the easiest so far!  Please ensure you dispose of your medicine in an appropriate manner, not down the drain!

Stay well!