Hi Everyone!!  I hope you have all had a fantastic day!!
How are we all going with our challenges?  Only a few days to go.
A big majority of your home will already be organised.
How are your stress levels, feeling calmer and more ontop of things?

Day 6 – The Undies/Sock Draw – Thursday 16th February 2012

I actually did a post on this way back in December 2011 – on my facebook business page doesn’t actually seem that long ago.

The first step is to chuck anything that no longer fits or isn’t to your current taste.  No point finding a home for items that will never get used again.  Measure the inside carcass of your draw this will help you in determining which containers you need.  Consider the entire depth and width and choose containers that will go together almost like a jigsaw inside the draw.

Sectioning your draw with square or rectangular shaped containers can make the organising and maintenance process that much easier.  Check out your local $2 or thrift shops for options – that way it won’t cost you an arm and a leg for items that only you see.

Filing your sets together, as pictured, makes for easier access (pardon the pun), takes up less space and ensures you can always find exactly what you are looking for.

Your socks, stockings or tights can also work in the same way use one container for each. Socks in one and stockings etc filed sideways again instead of one ontop of the other.  Consider that socks take up less space when simply folded together rather than being rolled into each other.

Enjoy! This challenge may actually prompt an excuse to go shopping for fresh new lingerie.

Here are a couple of different ideas!

Only 4 Challenges left -I’m already pondering what will be ‘my pick’ for the final day?

Stay Organised!