Wow you’re half way through!  Give yourselves a big pat on the back!  How are you finding the challenge so far?

Day 5 – The Junk Drawer

Well funnily enough I don’t have a junk drawer so to speak!  I keep some pens, mobile charger, post-it notes and a torch in one half of my tea-towel drawer, along with the labels for my Tupperware containers.
To keep them all from getting jumbled up I have used some slim line boxes that my salt and pepper grinders came in – they are the perfect size and ensure I don’t put more is this drawer than is required.

Here is a great example of how to organise your junk drawer.

junk drawer tidy and declutter

I chose instead to treat my email inbox as my junk drawer. I actually have a couple of email addresses one for personal & school information and one for my business Bless this Mess, so I hate when they get out of control. I usually go through and delete items once I have read and actioned them or recorded any further action I need to take.  With school holiday emails that didn’t need to be attended to, they immediately got flagged.  So now that I have some free time with the kids out of the house, it was time to go back through and clean-out and action these emails.

My aim is to get down to only a few emails.  Some will be moved to folders for my general records.  These folders too are not safe from the DELETE button.  I’ll also be reviewing some of the sites I have subscribed to and unsubscribing from those that are no longer relevant or I simply stopped reading.

Looking forward to the next five days with you all!!