Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Day 4 – The Fridge – Tuesday 14th February 2012

I hope you are starting to feel the satisfaction that comes from looking around your home, at the end of each day, and knowing if nothing else you can tick something off your list.  We often feel overwhelmed by everything we have to get done and look at it in a glass half empty way.  I hope your glass is starting to feel a little fuller.

Main tips for your fridge.  Most manufacturers do have recommendations for how to maintain your fridge so do check the manual.  If you don’t have a copy you can generally view one online.  Whilst I love Vanilla Fridge cleaner it is not recommended by my manufacturer so I simply wash in luke warm water with mild soap.

The simplest way to always know where to find things in your fridge is to create imaginary zones, or use shallow containers to group similar items together.  Often door compartments can provide the space you need for sauces or various condiments.  I also line all my door compartments and draws with paper towel, it just makes cleaning up that much easier.

Fridges also work their best when adequately (evenly) filled.  Over filling on the other hand can cause the fridge to work overtime.  If you normally store items in particular containers within your fridge, keep them in their once empty and clean.  It will help your fridge work more efficiently.

Oh and a box of opened Bicarb Soda helps reduce excess moisture and remove odours from your fridge.

Here are the before and after!  Enjoy!!


Now that’s done – time to go shopping for the week and fill up on some fresh fruit and vegetables!
If you’re a master at keeping your fridge clean, please create a challenge of your own to share with us all!  Of the organising kind of course:-)

I’m sure others could also use the inspiration and we would love to hear your tips!