Day 3 – Under the Sink – Monday 13th February 2012

Monday’s challenge is to organise a space under the sink.  This could be in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom or ensuite.  The choice is yours!
Who knows you may even be inspired to tackle more than just one space.

Often spaces under the sink can be lacking in storage ability.  You might consider adding another shelf or even utilising the door to drill on storage baskets.  A couple of items that can come in handy are plastic trays/baskets as these can help divide the space and also provide a separate home for various cosmetics, sponges or detergents etc.  A great item for all those cleaning products is a caddy basket with handle.  You can store all your regularly used cleaning items in this basket along with gloves and cleaning rags, store under the sink and carry from room to room when cleaning.

Consider utilising the depth of your shelves when folding items so items take up the entire depth, where possible.  Placing items one behind the other often means the items at the back are not as utilised and are often forgotten.

Here are my before and afters for inspiration.

It’s a great feeling to organise the spaces in our homes, so you don’t end up back at square one ensure you find appropriate homes for all your ‘stuff’ rather than just a spot where there is some spare space ie you probably wouldn’t store the garage oil under the bathroom sink(?). Also, at the risk of sounding like my Mum, put things back when you’re finished and where you found them!
Till tomorrow!!