Congratulations to everyone who took on the first challenge!
A note that if , for some reason, you are unable to participate in the selected days challenge; swap it with one from another day.

OK, so we cleaned the car today.  Some maintenance tips:
1. Remove any items you take into your car at the end of the day, including the rubbish.
2. A quick vacuum once a week is also great.
3. Put it in your diary for every week or two rather than on a to do list.

There is no shame in taking your car to a car wash place that does it for you – maybe give yourself some time out to enjoy a relaxing coffee or browse in nearby shops.

Now on with the next challenge!

Day 2 – The Tupperware Cupboard – Sunday 12th February 2012

Once upon a time I was a Tupperware Consultant.  So needless to say I do love my plastic fantastic range.  That said I am not a Tupperware snob.  Modular Mates would have to be my favourite item in their range. My plastics cupboard still incorporates those $2 take-away containers for freezer storage and plenty of items to use for my children’s lunch boxes.  It looks like alot but I do use every single item in this cupboard for something or another.  If I come across something I haven’t used in 6 months it’s out.

I also store the kids items in here, this allows them the independence to get their own plates, cups and bowls.  This cupboard is also in an area of our kitchen that is away from the main preparation and serving area, so if the kids need to get something they are not in our way or in danger. It can sometimes get a bit messy but I do my best to re-organise anything that is not in it’s place everytime I put things away.
“See it sort it!” – is my motto.
It’s also one of those cupboards that my husband can easily figure out where things belong.
Here are my before and afters.


The best tips I can give you for your Tupperware are:
1. Stack like size containers into one another.  Use a much larger container to then house them along with
    their lids as per bottom left.  One you’ll always be able to find the lid and it takes up much less space than
    stacking each one with it’s lid on as well as preventing them from ending up scattered all over the place.
2. I also use the above concept of using extra large containers to create sections ie for the cups etc like on
    the top left and second middle shelves.
2. Draws, instead of cupboards, are more ideal.
    That way you’ll always be able to find everything at the back.
3. After re-heating items like spaghetti sauce etc in the microwave your containers can often be left with a
    stain.  Either remove them from the containers before re-heating or place a decadent amount of dish liquid
    on a kitchen brush and (without adding water) scrub the liquid onto the container and lid.  Leave whilst
    you eat then rinse with cold water.  The detergent soaks up the fat which only spreads if you add hot
Hope you are having a lovely weekend!