Wow how quickly did that 10 days go?  Monday is the final challenge and this one is up to you.
Do you have a project you’ve been meaning to get around to?
A space we haven’t covered that needs your attention?
Does the garage, shed or an outside space need some maintenance?
Day 10 – Your Pick – Monday 20th February

Share your challenge with us all?

So now the challenge is complete use the inspiration you have gained over these last 10 days to keep you motivated.
Diarise days in your week to complete your own challenges.
Here are some great maintenance tips to consider to help you keep things on track!
Don’t put it down put it away.”
Try not to double handle items that need putting away.
‘If you see it sort it’, ‘If you think it do it’ – or note it in your diary or to do list.
Use these Four principles for everything  that comes into your hands,
ACTION it – Complete it, fill it in, finish it
FORWARD it – pass it on to the appropriate person, mail box, teacher, in an envelope in your handbag or briefcase. Consider putting items in your car you need for the next day, so you don’t forget to take them with you.
FILE it – put it away (not on a pile for later)
Consider that approx. 80% of paper items we file away never get referred to again.
BIN it – stick it in the trash, sell it or donate it.
 Some other tips:
·        Remove inbox trays from your desk
·        Create an imaginary ‘no dumping’ zone for all your horizontal spaces
·        Empty your mail over a rubbish/recycle bin – disposing of items immediately.
·        Reduce paperwork coming into your home – go paperless for your bills.
          You can still view them online and only print out if required.
·        Utilise snippets of time – such as waiting for the kettle to boil – to clean out        your  handbag, purse or school bags, stack the dishwasher etc
Clear the decks at the end of each day!
Diarise tasks to complete each day, rather than saving them up to complete on the weekend.
Thankyou so much for joining me on this challenge – I truly hope it has been of benefit to you and your life!  If you have any topics you would like us to cover please be sure to let us know!
Remember to Bless your Mess regularly and maintain your sanity!