I am very exciting to be starting on this journey with you all.
So let’s go!

Day 1:  The Car – Saturday 11th February 2012

I remember the days pre-children and water restrictions when washing and cleaning my car was a regular weekend ritual.  But those days are long gone! I’m pretty good now at finding the time to keep the inside of my car clean.  I regularly vacuum but never seem to make the time to give it a wash on the outside and a good dusting on the inside.

Therefore my challenge was to give my car the love it truly deserves, after all it serves me well.
Here are my before and after pics, I hope they provide you with some inspiration for your first challenge.


I even vacuumed all those crumbs that get inside/under the kids seats.  I could seriously feed a small army on the amount of crumbs that build up under here in just a week.
To do my car inside and out took me 35 minutes.
A fine effort I thought.  It has also made me realise that the washing part, that I always put off, is actually the quickest.  Now I just need to remember to check my tyre pressure next time I’m filling up on petrol at the service station.
Some things you might include, in a suitable place, within your car to keep you organised:
1. A notepad and pen – you never know when you need to jot something down
2. A box of tissues
3. Car charger – if you own one
4. Shopping bags -store in the boot  then move to the front seat on shopping days.
5. A coin for the shopping trolley
6. An umbrella inside the car (not the boot)
7. Melways – if you’re not up with the latest technology
8. A mini bin
9.  A picnic rug if you so desire
I also always have a charity box in my boot.  If I find items around the house to donate they go straight to the car.  That way I’ve always got them with me for when I next pass by my local Opp shop and they are not cluttering up my house.
Leaving paperwork items in your vehicle or emergency contact numbers etc is not advisable, should your car ever be broken into or stolen. So keep the contents of your car simple.  Remove any additional items that you take into your car in the morning back into your house upon your return home.  That way you will always enter a calm, clean space everytime you open your car door.  Now that’s sure to calm your mood before hitting the road!
Looking forward to seeing your posts!  Have fun!