Day 9 – Clear the Decks – Sunday 19th February 2012

This challenge is great for a Sunday, it will help you prepare for the week ahead. Alternatively if you work in an office you could use these principles to clear the desk at the end of your working week.

So what do we mean by clear the decks.  Traditionally this phrase refers to clearing up the areas of our home that will make for an easier start to the week ahead.  It covers things like:
* Picking up and packing up stuff that’s out of place.
* Doing the dishes before you go to bed (or turning on and unpacking the dishwasher before bed).
* Preparing lunches for the following day.
* Preparing your to do or shopping list,menu planning for the week ahead.
* Checking your diary for the weekly events.
* Ensuring all forms and paperwork required for the week are completed and  ready to be forwarded.
* Ensuring work, school, sport clothing is washed and ironed.
* Anything that helps you start the week fresh and prepared.
I think you get the drift.

This challenge does not include taking an empty container and scooping the contents of your bench tops etc into it!

Additionally, you could interpret ‘clear the decks’ as ensuring all horizontal surfaces are cleared.
Clear Horizontal spaces provide a great sense of visual clarity, and in turn a sense of calm.
If you already have a regular Sunday routine (as above) you can try these instead.
* Bench tops that become dump zones for paperwork or other items- action it, file it or flick it.
* Find a suitable home (back in the cupboard or where they belong) for all other items that catch your eye.
* Floor spaces – again pick-up and pack-up items cluttering these surfaces.

Another area to consider is a vertical one.  Do you store all sorts of bits and pieces on your fridge?  Again this is an area of your home that can easily look cluttered.  Consider a noticeboard or whiteboard inside your pantry door for all those important things like a calendar, emergency contacts, invitations etc.

                          Now doesn’t that create a greater sense of calm!

Mondayitis will be a thing of the past.
However this challenge is great for the end of any day!

Now looking at my windows think I might have to make those ‘my pick’ challenge for Monday!