Melbourne Professional Organiser

Has clutter taken over your life?

Organising the spaces in your life can be more satisfying than renovating, and can provide up to 30% extra storage. Working within the spaces you have and realising their true potential is pure MAGIC! So if the clutter is taking over your life and you’d rather close the door, and just forget it exists, it’s time for you to reclaim your space, time and sanity and take back control of your life. Bless this Mess is a Melbourne based business providing:

  • Professional Organising
  • Creative Storage Ideas
  • Space Consulting
  • De-Cluttering
  • Home Styling Services
  • Office Systems/Solutions

We have the experience, skills, knowledge, techniques and effective systems and motivation to service businesses and homes alike.

No job is too big or too small!

Too many things on the to do list?

At Bless this Mess we understand how clutter can consume an individual’s space, reducing energy flow as well as productivity levels, and that it’s often not just about the physical possessions.
We can implement changes to your routine, current systems and your general ability to make change, whilst creating a vision for the space that is as unique and individual as you are!

Moving into or building a new home, downsizing or simply moving on with life in your existing place we can organise every space imaginable.

So why wait? Contact us now and create a place you’ll love coming home to! You too can enjoy the benefits of an organised space and life, which means effective storage and believe it or not more money in your pocket. Leaving you time for the more important things in life.

‘Reclaim your space, time and sanity’